Glenn Cole

Area Manager

Glenn Cole has been with MorOil for twelve years.  He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and reared in Greenville, South Carolina, where he lives today. After serving a six-year stint in the Air Force in charge of heavy equipment maintenance, Glenn went on to work in parts sales for trucks and automobiles.
This experience in equipment and machinery is an invaluable tool for Cole in dealing with the systems and mechanical applications inherent in MorOil’s work.  He recognizes the way lubricants can help equipment run better and he enjoys being involved in developing products for his customers.  Distributors are forced to deal with pre-packaged lubricants.  MorOil has no such constraints.
Cole considers MorOil’s versatility to be the key to its success. This individualized approach permits us to adapt to the needs of clients, rather than making clients adapt to an off-the-shelf lubricant. Cole’s initial area of expertise for MorOil was in weaving and fabric finishing, and recently he expanded to metalworking and hydraulic machinery.

Because of his personal relationships with his clients, Cole has knowledge of their equipment. He spends time with them in their plants. He knows what works and what does not work in each individual case. His clients can pick up the phone and ask him a question with the confidence that Cole knows their equipment and knows their people, in addition to knowing the lubricant that will make everything run smoothly.

Cole says that MorOil takes great pride in quality. ”We always make our lubricants better than the industry standard. We always try to exceed our customers’ expectations. Being the best is not often the easiest way, but it’s our way.”

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