Ron Powell


Ron Powell, president of MorOil Technologies, has been with the company since June 1979. Shortly after receiving his BS degree in Economics from Davidson College, he joined his father at MorOil and helped transform it from a jobber for a major oil company to the premier industrial lubricant manufacturer that it is today.  MorOil’s lubricants include a wide variety of textile specialties, synthetics and metalworking fluids, all blended specifically for each customer’s needs.

Powell studied and participated in every aspect of his family’s business, starting with his first day on the job when he worked on the loading dock.  He learned all the company’s departments, from delivery to blending, and thoroughly came to know his product and his customers before being elected president of MorOil in 1984.

Trust is at the center of Powell’s business and personal philosophy.  It guides each decision he makes at MorOil, where his goal is to have every customer receive the best value possible from MorOil lubricants.  He has the knowledge and experience to focus on bringing his customers preeminent new products and then to determine what works best for them.  Powell does not believe that one size fits all.  He knows that individual problems require the unique solutions that his company can provide.

Powell is a member of the ILMA Board (Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association) and has served on a number of ILMA committees, including Long-range Planning, Strategic Planning, and he has chaired Operations and Administrations, as well as Government Affairs.  Ron lives in Davidson, North Carolina, with his wife, Amy, and his daughters, Isabelle and Rebecca.  He is a member of Davidson College Presbyterian Church, where he is an Elder and Sunday School teacher.

Faithfulness. Loyalty. Hard work. Creativity.  These are the old fashioned values by which Powell lives and works. His customers rely on these values and they know that a promise made by MorOil is a promise kept.

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