• Cleaner 50 – Light duty, solvent-based general purpose machine and parts cleaner.
  • MorClean AFC – Effective butyl-based floor cleaner. This product may be too aggressive for painted surfaces.
  • MorClean FSC – Efficient butyl cleaner for use where one cleaner is desirable for cleaning floors and machine surfaces. Ideal for job shops.
  • MorClean TSO – Designed for cleaning sumps of machine tools between charges of fresh coolant.
  • MorClean Parts Cleaner – Extremely efficient cleaner. Allows cleaning of parts and surfaces by immersion alone.

NOTE: Many of our product lines can be enhanced with Teflon, suspended molybdenum disulfide (MSO2 or “moly”), organo-soluble molybdenum (clear moly), seal conditioners, anti-sling, dye, optical brightener (for identification by blacklight) or in other ways to meet a specific need.