ILMA Code of Ethics

  • Adhere to a standard of excellence in manufacturing, blending, producing, packaging, promoting, and marketing;
  • Maintain and service all accounts efficiently and professionally;
  • Monitor technological developments to assure availability of the highest quality product and the imposition of the most stringent standards within the lubricants industry;
  • Provide opportunities for professional advancement of employees by assisting them to acquire additional knowledge and increased technical competence;
  • Impose strict quality controls throughout the lubricant manufacturing and marketing process;
  • Represent and market all products and services fairly and accurately;
  • Protect and enhance the environment and the health and safety of employees, customers' employees, and consumers through the safe and responsible use and disposal of potentially hazardous substances; and
  • Always be guided by a spirit of justice, honor, and fairness within communities and in all dealings with other members of the lubricants industry and with associated industries.